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Sacramento man reported missing

A missing Gold River man diagnosed with several health conditions has been found safe.

The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department says 73-year-old John Brownrigg was back home safe. It was known he arrived at the Department of Motor Vehicles on Broadway Wednesday afternoon but until he was located Thursday, no one had heard from him or seen him.

Autistic boy reported missing

Authorities say 8-year-old Eduardo "Tito" Avalos has been found safe

Tito is autistic and doesn't communicate. The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department said he walked away from his home on the 4100 block of Justin Way at around noon Friday.

A little after 5:30 p.m., the boy was located.

Wait times for new VA patients in California

Veterans Affairs medical centers have come under criticism for long wait times for care. These are the VA hospitals in California with the longest average wait times as of May 15 for new patients seeking primary care, specialty care and mental health care, according to audit results released Monday.


1: Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System: 56.2 days

2. Loma Linda: 44 days

3. San Diego: 43.8 days

4. Northern California Health Care System (Sacramento-Mather and Martinez): 43.5 days

5. Palo Alto: 42 days

6. Long Beach: 33.7 days

7. San Francisco: 29.7 days

8. Fresno: 25.5 days


1. Fresno: 61.4 days

2. Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System: 55.1 days

Drowning at Beals Point on Folsom Lake

Drowning at Beals Point on Folsom Lake

A 30-year-old man drowned Friday afternoon at Beals Point on Folsom Lake.

The name of the victim has yet to be released. The Placer County Sheriff's Office and state park rangers said the drowning occurred at around 3 p.m., when the man was swimming with a co-worker and her child about 100 yards from shore.

The co-worker told News10 that the water was about 10 feet deep where the drowning occurred. The man said he was exhausted before he went under, the co-worker said.

The man was under water for about an hour before he was found. Firefighters, a state park lifeguard and a helicopter assisted in the search.

Windswept fires kept firefighters on the defensive for another day.

Windswept fires kept firefighters on the defensive for another day.

SACRAMENTO - Another day of wind kept firefighters on the run across Northern California, battling grass and brush fires.

A fire alongside Sacramento's old dump beside the Capitol City Freeway sent city fire crews on the offensive shortly before 1:30 p.m. Friday. The windswept blaze burned 8 acres before it was contained. Arson is suspected and police have detained a suspect for questioning.

A fire that broke out in Elk Grove along Civic Drive was contained to about 1 acre. The blaze was caused by someone mowing the grass in the middle of a windy day.

"This week is a classic example of when you should not be doing defensible space," Cal Fire spokesperson Daniel Berlant said. "In the hot temperatures, dry conditions and a little bit of wind, that's gonna allow a fire to quickly spark and ignite and spread very, very quickly."

Keep the fire triangle in mind this fire season

Keep the fire triangle in mind this fire season

The fire season started early and is already keeping firefighters busy.

The lack of rain during the 2013-2014 rainy season combined with the two previous dry years, added up to critical fire conditions.

Most fires require three elements to ignite: fuel, oxygen and heat. This is illustrated as a fire triangle. Removing one of the elements will extinguish or prevent fires. The triangle is a helpful tool when surveying our own fire risk.

When we look at our current year, there is plenty of dry brush for fuel due to the drought. Winds can help to further dry vegetation making it prime for catching fire and quickly spreading. Clearing dry brush can help to minimize this spreading.

Oxygen is present naturally in our atmosphere.

Finally, heat is especially common during the late spring and through the summer.

Twitter scavenger hunt comes to Sacramento, hides treats

Twitter scavenger hunt comes to Sacramento, hides treats

Hidden cash drops have not come to Sacramento … yet.

But one donor is taking up the spirit of Twitter account @HiddenCash and is hiding donuts across the Sacramento area.

Twitter user @HiddenDonut popped up Wednesday in response to the anonymous cash drops of $20 and $100 bills that appeared last week in San Francisco.

"Hiding donuts throughout Sacramento to make people smile and feed their hunger!" the @HiddenDonut profile reads.

The first donut drop was at Hughes Dog Park in Roseville. The find was tweeted about at 10:16 a.m. Thursday.

The fourth donut drop happened Saturday. The first clue for the drop was tweeted at 7:07 a.m., followed by two others.